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Gender Female
Maximum Age 13
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Zara is The daughter of Frost and Demonis Percival.


Being the last born child of Frost, Zara did not develop both of her parents abilities. She instead, developed a new type of power. A poison tipped ice that is tinted pink. She is a very powerful foe, considering every single piece of ice she makes is poison tipped. This pink ice protects her. So long as she sees the danger coming, the ice will defend her. It was a gift from her mother, who believed she would need it more so than her brother Toketsu.


Zara is a quiet girl. She shies away from many of her cousins, opening up to only Isis. No one knows why this is. While being shy, she is confident in battle, being unafraid of most things that are dangerous to her ability. Such as fire.


Zara has long light blue hair. She usually wears a victorian dress.

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