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No matter how fast the fight is going, you are going to need to be able to think minutes ahead and move seconds faster.

Venus lecturing the children.

Venus Isil Galia
Used By Corbin
Commander in Chief Any Demonis Sibling
Title Wind Splitter
Gender Female
Age 23 (human form)
12 (trainer form)
18 (during battle)
122 (real age)
G-Power 1100 G
Rank Trainer
Attribute DemonisVentus Ventus Demonis
Weaponry Spinal Stripper Xior
Theme Song(s) Guns at Dawn
Close Relationship Fang (girlfriend of)
Main Allies Nea
Main Adversaries
Unit D.C.T.
Unit Position None specified

Venus (Full name: Venus Isil Galia) is a BakuMutant Ventus Mercury Dragonoid that is one of the four trainers to Averia, Thornalia, Gilgamesh, and Karau. She teaches the children about speed and agility, which she excels at.



Venus is a kind hearted girl. She is always willing to help her friends, and is a wonderful teacher. Her happiness seems to make everyone either a little bit cheerier or a little freaked out that it is physically possible to be as happy as Venus is. Although she may be very kind to friends and family, when in battle, she is almost emotionless, being calm and calculating, as well as deadly.


In her normal form, Venus takes the form of a young woman at age 23, with green hair, green eyes, and a modest build. When lecturing her "students", Venust takes the form of a 15 year old girl with green hair and a red dress with a rose pattern on it. In a normal battle, Venus will take the form of an 18 year old girl with black hair, and armored pink kimono, and a specially made sheath for her weapon, the Spinal Stripper Xior blade.

Battle StrategyEdit

Venus' battle strategy completely revolves around using her speed. While she is handy with a sword, she will use her sound-barrier shattering speed to make movements in the blink of an eye. This allows her time to not only confuse the opponent, but make appropriate battle strategies during said time.

Ability CardsEdit


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