The S77

Location : Fuel room

Situation : Attempting to keep the fuel from spilling out of it' chambers

Aides : "Whoa"

Angel : "Less staring , more helping !"

Aides : "Right" ( In unison with Fave and 7 )

Fave : "Right" ( In unison with Aides and 7 )

Phoenix7 : "Right" (In unison with Aides and Fave )

Angel : "That's what I like to hear."

While The Sacred 7 Fix the fuel line...

The Skies above the S77

The unknown demon brawler and Masters battle on the back of Pyrus Storm Dragonoid.

Masters : What the hell was that ?!

Blaze : ....

Masters : Answer me !

Masters with a full face of RAGE attacks Blaze with sword in hand.

Masters is un-able to touch Blaze. That makes Masters even more Angry.

Masters : HOLD STILL !

Then Masters has no other choice than to summon his Pyrus Lumino Dragonoid.

With a powerful Lightning strike, Masters summons his Lumino and strikes down Blaze's Dragonoid in the process. That made Blaze very-very- Angry.

Blaze then with Fire in both hands charged at Masters.They got into a heated battle. (literally)

It ended in a tie. WIP (work in progress)