A UFO falls to Earth again, like it did 15 years ago. With the same cargo , Blaze . While falling Blaze changed into Demon form , so that he would live. He was found by The Sacred 7 .

Masters : What is it ?

Aides : Better yet , where did it come from ?

Phoenix7 : Whoa..

Aides : I think he needs medical attention. Hey guys , help me out here.

As they all pic the Demon boy up , not knowing who or what he is an unknown locked bakugan falls out of his hand.

Masters : Whoa look a Bakugan. (picks up the bakugan)

Aides : I have never seen any bakugan like it.

Phoenix7 : Neither have I .

On the ship

Angel : Did we find out who or what he is ?

Aides : Yes , and no.

Angel : Give me the good news first.

Aides : He's a Demon , Angel.

Fave : Hey , what's that huge crater outside ?!

Masters : ....Apparently a demon boy fell from the sky.

Fave : Your joking..

Masters : ....

Fave : Oh my Gawd your serious !

Angel : He's in the medical room.

Fave goes into the medical room to see the demon, but to her surprise it's just a 15 year old boy.

Fave : What is this.

Masters , Aides , phoenix and Angel soon join her.

Angel : Wha ?!

Aides : I don't get it ?

Phoenix7 : Neither do I.

Then Blaze suddenly awakens. At that same momment so does the Mysterious Bakugan.

Fave : Uh..guys..

Blaze slowly gets up.

Masters and the rest of the guys still converate on the matter of the demon.Then they turn their attention to Blaze.

Blaze is fully up with Bakugan in hand.

The Team tried to get him back down, but he wouldn't go.

Soon Blaze managed to get away , he couldn't reach the door so he breached the air lock.

Masters : HEY ! What are you doing ?!

Angel : Your CRAZY !

Aides : Uh oh.

Then Blaze turns into his Demon form and throws his Pyrus Storm Dragonoid.

Fave : He is CRAZY !!

Phoenix7 : See , we told you he was a demon !!

Masters : Ok , ok we get it !!

Blaze is long gone.

Angel : Masters ! Throw your Lumino Dragonoid ! Go after him ! We'll stay here and repressurise the cabin !

Masters : Ok !

Masters goes after Blaze , not noing what he is capable of . It turns into a heated battle , to find out who wins read next week episode.