Sarah: *walking out of the Neathian Castle to greet Briana on her homecoming*

Briana: (runs to Sarah and hugs her) I HAVENT SEEN YOU IN TWO YEARS

Briana: did I miss anything?

Sarah: well, where shall I start?

Sarah: Meia died in the war with gundalia

Sarah: As did Serena

Briana: OH NO!!!! Thats terrible. Whos leading Neathia now?

Sarah: Its turned into a conflict

Sarah: Serena wants me to become queen on Neathia. But Fabia doesn't think it is very fair

Briana: Why not?

Rayne: Because it doesn't give us a chance to lead

Rayne: Me and Corbin are fine with it though

Corbin: Absolutely.

Rayne: Afterall, Sarah is the one who lead the final attack on Gundalia

Corbin: Man, that was fun.

Fabia: Just because she led an attack doesn't mean she will be queen

Fabia: That was my biological sisters throne it will be mine

Corbin: Oh save it.

Sarah: *Slaps Fabia*

Rayne: HA!

Corbin: HAHA!

Fabia: Rayne, what are you still doing here? Shoudn't you be back on your planet. No gundalians allowed here you little blue-purple colored waste

Corbin: ... Don't talk to the emperor that way, you selfish waste.

Lumagrowl: *reverts to monster form* HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO THE EMPEROR OF GUNDALIA THAT WAY

Sarah: O-o You had better run, Fabia.

Fabia: Why? Im not scared.

H.: (appears) Should be.

Aranaut: *Comes into Monster form* I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO HARM THE PRINCESS

H.: Can it, you waste.

Lumagrowl: shall i take you out first? *attacks Aranaut*


Corbin: (appears behind Fabia with his Gauntlet blade to the back of her neck) NEVER talk to the emperor like that AGAIN.

Fabia: *Hits Corbin in between his legs* *jumps up the the lowest roof of the castle*

Corbin: O_O

Lumagrowl: *power begins emanating from her body and a hole forms in teh sky*

Fabia: w...what....the heck

Corbin: Oh this should be fun.

  • A large figure appears out of no where.* *he lands on teh ground behind lumagrowl*


Briana: IT'S GONNA DESTROY US ALL!!!!!!!!!! *runs inside*

Corbin: You mind if I summoned mine, brother?

Rayne: Don't you dare, this is Lumagrowls fight

Corbin: As you wish.

Lumagrowl: *pins Aranaut to the ground*

Vexfist: *roars*

Fabia: *runs inside*

Corbin: ... must ... resist ... chasing Fabia ...

Sarah: now that that is over, since we have all been gone for a while, how about we catch up?

Corbin: Well it's been 2 years, so we should have a LOT to talk about.

Sarah: I have new bakugan :D

Senterra: Greetings ^^

Corbin: Same.

Shade: >:D

Corbin: ... Everyone say hey to Shade.

Shade: ... why do I not like Senterra ...

Senterra: hmm Sarah something does not feel right about that Shade

Rayne: oh hey, I have one of those. kind of

Sheath: Hello, everyone

Shade: ... something about you two just isn't right ... hmm ... Have we met somewhere before?

Senterra: I feel I have met you both somewhere before

Sheath: well I come from a planet called Demonia

Shade: So do I ...

Sheath: I was taken from there and my mind has made me forget teh rest

Senterra: as do i

Sarah: hmm ...

Sarah: lets go to teh park and introduce our other bakugan

Corbin: We will PROBABLY need the space.

Sarah: oh, didn't think about space. to the old battlefield then

Rayne: Fine with me

Corbin: Absolutely.

Briana: *runs outside blasting the door open, hitting fabia in teh face with it. Gaia flying shortly behind her* WAIT FOR ME

Shade: Freaky people.

Corbin: I know.

H.: Oh like you two are much better.

Shade and Corbin: ... True.

Gaia: hmm, weird. Sheath, Senterra, Shade do I knwo you three

Senterra: hmm, not that I know od


H.: Shut up.

Shade: NEVAH!

Corbin: Now.

Shade: Ok.

Rayne: *begins walking to the battlefield*

Sarah: Wait for me Rayne *runs up beside him and grabs his arm and puts her head on his shoulder*

Shade: do we ... follow him?

H.: >.> no Shade, we stay here. OF COURSE WE FOLLOW!

Corbin: Freaks.

H. and Shade: Oh like you are much better.

Corbin: ... True.

  • everyone gets to the battlefield*

Sarah: ME FIRST!!!!!

Shade: It feels like there was a lot of death around here ... I LIKE.

H.: >.>

Sarah: Shade......there was alot fo death here. it was terrible.

Shade: -"- Me gusta

H.: ... (smacks Shade)

Senterra: *throws demonis energy at Shade throwing him into a tree*


Senterra: Oh, I forgot to tell you about my power

Shade: ... you want POWER?! I'LL GIVE YOU POW ...

H.: Shut up.

Senterra: You see, in Demonia there were four beings. All in the form of Coredems Shade: o-o

Senterra: I am the good being.

Shade: I ... am teh evil one ... THAT EXPLAINS SO MUCH!

Sheath: Wait ... I am the being of neutrality.

Gaia: So am I.

Senterra: You must be the second power of neutrality.

Shade: -"- Me gusta MUCHO.


Sarah: Wow ... anyway, I would like to introduce you to SENTERRA! *throws out Senterra*

Senterra: Greetings, people on the ground.

Corbin: ... hehehe ... RISE DEMONIS SHADE!

Shade: (rises in a cloud of darkness) o-o whoa ... maybe I should ... (reverts to pod form)

Corbin: YOU PANSY.

Sarah: Now for HAWKTOR! *throws out Hawktor*

Corbin: SHADE!

Shade: ?

Corbin: You are an idiot.

Shade: Oh like you are much better.

Corbin: ... true ...

Sarah: And now for the rest of my new ones. My third new Bakugan, HAOS DHARAK! *throws out Dharak* Remember that Dharak I found way back in the day rolling around in the castle? This is her.

TBC ...

New Bakugan Introduced