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  • DarkusMaster

    Landlocked: The Prologue

    September 25, 2011 by DarkusMaster

    (Note: My style of writing is FAR different than how Airzel writes his stories. Even though RP dialogue is easy to tell a story with, in my story, setting helps play a movie in the reader's head, and that's what I'm going for.)

    Thunder cracked in the skies and lightning flashed as a tree burst into flames. Waves crashed against the shore. Not too far away, a large, black, dog-like creature rested unconscious in the sand. Not far from him were a red dragon, a blue bird, a black bird, a warrior clad in brown, a warrior clad in green, and a warrior clad in white, in the same general area. The trees in the area were cleared, and the borderline trees were stripped of their leaves. The dog slowly opens his eyes, rears up, and glances around. A su…

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  • DarkusMaster

    [09:17] Huntress: Let the hunt ... (looks around and sees H. and SS are missing) O_O BEGIN! (disappears with Shade)

    [09:18] PD: (leaps out to the balcony into the trees)

    [09:18] Titanium: (follows, Rapilator in hand)

    [09:19] H.: (somewhere with SS) ... (looks around, and then begins making hand motions to SS)

    [09:20] SS: (understands and disappears)

    [09:20] PD: Titanium, stop for a sec.

    [09:20] Titanium: (stops)

    [09:20] PD: Listen.

    [09:20] Titanium: I don't hear anything.

    [09:20] PD: Exactly. It's too quiet.

    [09:21] Huntress: (appears behind Titanium and jabs him with Lansor) >:D (disappears)

    [09:21] Titanium: GAH! (falls)

    [09:21] PD: Told you it was too quiet. (rustling) WHO'S THERE?!

    [09:22] Huntress: (flies out of the trees) >:D O_O (s…

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