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I am the fallen warrior.
Some call me amazing, some call me worthless.
I have died and will die endlessly.
My love is enterally mine,
And with her, I seek peace,
Yet, I cannot find peace within me.
Now as I pray,

Titanium's chant before battle.



Titanium Armor 2

Used By Corbin
Commander in Chief Shade Demonis
Title The Golden Flame of Demonia
Gender Male
Age 18 (Tribute of Wind, can't age past 18)
G-Power 1100 G
Rank Captain
Attribute 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
Weaponry Blazing Sword Excalibur
Theme Song(s) Frontline
Close Relationship Kisara
Main Allies Calamiris
Main Adversaries
Unit Demonia Specialized Division 1
Unit Position Third

Titanium serves as the second in command of the Demonia Specialized Division First Squadron and lieutenant under Shade Demonis.



Titanium is a very kind person when out of battle. He speaks with an old English accent, which is due to the fact that his latest reincarnation was in the middle of the Renaissance. Although he may be kind to most out of battle, he is a true warrior in war, hardly caring about the opponent's emotions. He is very selfless, although sometimes he can be a little selfish, and he always apologizes once he realizes he has acted as such. He is in a deep relationship wish Kisara, and has been since their first life. He is willing to do absolutely anything for her, and wants to marry her desperately.


As a young boy, Titanium (whose name was Ilianis in that life) was constantly being oppress by the Crown. When he was not even eight, many people were killed for worshipping the Demonis Demi-God Siblings instead of the gods that the Crown has chosen as right. He looked away during the public execution of Aqua and Allagar, and was so overtaken with rage that he swore to destroy the Crown so that they may be avenged. After he then saw his best friend Kisara's parents killed on TV, he went to find her. She was found in the park, where he woke her up and brought her home with him to stay with his family. Sadly, soon after they came home, Titanium's parents were killed as well to keep him in shock.

Titanium began researching, looking for anything that could help them against the crown. He searched day and night until he found an interesting article. Written by a low-key news line called 'The Informer'. They wrote of a myth called "The attributional tributes." And claimed that the Demonis siblings were the first to use it, by their reincarnation in the park. The writers, of course all killed within a day of publishing of the article. In the article, it pinpointed the locations of all of the tributes. All were to be found in a cave. Titanium, along with Kisara, located one. And in the back they found an inscription. It read:

Only true to those who ride the wind without fear. Those who struggle, but are not afraid of what is to come. The tribute of Wind stands before you.

When they finished reading, a tunnel oppened. It was roaring with fierce winds. Hand in hand, they walked in, as the tunnel closed, and the pain of being torn apart overtook them. They died, hands together, forever linked as one. Gifted, however of eternal reincarnation. Forever life. Reborn into the Valer Kingdom, causing rebellions in every life until Valer itself, finally fell. But only did it fall, with the coming of Eve Mortimer. Kisara and Titanium were the only to survive the fall of Valer Kingdom.

During his latest life, Titanium has become a Lieutenant in the Demonian Army, and is also the personal trainer to his Commander in Chief's son, Karau.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ignition StateEdit

Titanium's basic ability, the Ignition State, is an ability that is activated after saying a specific chant. This allows him to set himself on fire, levitate, heighten his normal capabilities, and also gives him the conditions needed to activate his secondary abilities.

Ignition DimensionEdit

Titanium's key ability is the fact that he can make his Ignition State envelop a five mile radius around him, in which he controls all aspects of the area. This includes being able to tamper with his opponent's abilities to an extent, as well as control of the environment, people allowed in the area, emotions, and weaponry.

Infinity WeaponryEdit



  • Titanium and Kisara are in their 57th lives together.

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