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Tiana Mizai Demonis
Tiana Demonis
Used By None set
Commander in Chief Salahar Demonis
Title Black Flower General
Gender Female
Age 20 (looks)
173 (actually)
G-Power 1200 G
Rank Assistant Captain
Attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
Weaponry Lotus Trigger (shape shifting gun)
Theme Song(s) Fine Again
Close Relationship Salahar Demonis (Lover)
Thorn Demonis (Mother of) Gil Demonis (Mother of)
Main Allies Kisara
Main Adversaries
Unit Demonis Black Battalion 3
Unit Position Second Seat

Tiana is a Demonis Black Trister that serves as a subordinate of Salahar. She has no Mechtogan, although her Mechtogan Titan is the black Demonis Razen Titan. She is also the lover of Salahar, and the mother of the child known as Thorn.



Tiana suffers from a multi-personality disorder, which can cause her to go from the persona of a young girl with tons of energy to a psychopathic madwoman who will stop at nothing to destroy the opposition. Although this may be bad in her personal life, it often gives her and her teammates the upper hand in battle.

After having Thorn, her moods evened out for an unknown reason. She is still a General, but she cares deeply for her daughter, and almost always refuses to have Thorn on the front lines for any reason.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Murky Waters: The opponent can't use abilities.
  • Dark Mist: If the opponent has more than just one core Bakugan in use, Tiana doubles in G-power and the opponent halves in power.
  • Overkill:
  • Spreadshot Twin:
  • Bazooka with a Grenade:


  • Although she is the lover of Salahar, they claim to no end that when he finds someone better than her to mother Thorn, she will stop being as such, although this is likely a lie.

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