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Come on, Oceanbow. You know DAMN well your pressure is too much for my body. You mind canning it?

Tenscythe to Oceanbow

Thomas Vegol'n Tenolia
Used By Shade
Gender Male
Maximum Age 30
G-Power Unknown
Attribute Evil Demonis symbol Demonis
Weaponry Is one
General {{{General}}}
Lieutenant {{{Lieutenant}}}
Pet BakuTech {{{pet}}}
Theme Song Duality
Main Adversaries
Main Allies Shade
Close Relationships Rosenrot (lover)
Dahlia (father of)
Lily (father of)
Mechtogan none
Mechtogan Titan none
Special Style
Signature Abilities

Tenscythe (Real name: Thomas Vegol'n Tenolia) is a Demonian Weapon Being used by Shade Demonis. He is also the lover of Rosenrot and father to Dahlia and Lily.



Tenscythe is a very calm yet merciless man. Unlike his wielder, he usually thinks his fights through, but he is known for also going ballistic, due to his inherited bloodlust disease. Despite this, he has shown that he can function normally in society, as well as in the presence of other Weapon Beings, so that he may attempt to fit in with others.



Over the years, Shade and Tenscythe have grown a very strong bond. They have grown so close that they can practically read each others' minds and effectively take down any opposition that they face, save for their own families.


Due to Shade and Salahar spending a lot of time together, whether sparring or just being brothers, Tenscythe and Rosenrot have become quite attached to each other. So attached that they have began dating, and, after Rosenrot's curse lifted, had two children together. They are deeply in love, even though they are very unlike each other.


Tenscythe and Lily are close, although Lily seems to attach more to her mother. Despite this, they still care about each other, and he is willing to take a bullet for her.


Dahlia's personality comes almost directly from her father. Tenscythe is very proud of her, but wishes that her and Lily would stop with all the competitiveness and learn to focus on the task at hand.


  • Tenscythe has an unknown disease as well as his bloodlust.

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