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If you harm any of my sisters again, Akuma, I will personally execute you in front of the Matrix Siblings when my father forces them to their knees!

Teiden to Akuma

Teiden Raitto Dementia
Teiden Human
Debut Appearance {{{debut}}}
Title Prince of the Dementia
Used By None
Gender Male
Age 19
Attribute Dementia Symbol Dementia
G-Power 1300 G
Close Relationships Javelin (possibly)
Main Allies TBA
Main Adversaries TBA
Theme Song None
Status Alive
Battle Data
Weaponry TBA
Mechtogan TBA
Mechtogan Titan TBA
MechFrame Ataxia
Fighting Style The Second Dementia
Signature Abilities Tension Blackout

Teiden (Full name: Teiden Raitto Dementia) (English version Blackout) is a Dementian Bakugan and the son of Dementia. He is also Dementia's eldest child, and only son.




Family and RelationshipsEdit


Dementia is the father of Teiden and his sisters. Like his father, Teiden is ruthless and merciless, and does not mind the slaughter of innocents. However, Teiden does not always get along with his father well, as he believes that not all of their victims need to suffer.


Javelin is taken prisoner by Dementia’s servants – Dogma, Verfolger, and Ritter – under the orders of Dementia himself. This was because he knew that he could use Javelin to manipulate her biological parents, who are both part of two different ruling families of two different Bakugan kinds. However, when Teiden saw Javelin for the first time, he was automatically smitten with her, and talked his father into letting Javelin become a companion for Teiden. At first, Javelin did not trust Teiden, and believed that it was just a ploy to manipulate her parents without her realizing it. However, she soon fell for him, and two began a relationship that was more than just friends. Teidein cares for Javelin deeply, and will protect her at all costs, even from his father’s servants and Dementia himself if necessary. Javelin also cares for Teiden deeply, and allows herself to be at his mercy.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Tension Blackout:

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

Gate CardsEdit