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You know it's Tayla D. when you watch that body fall.

Tayla after killing someone

I am the Black Flag of the Demonis Army, now say goodnight, because you are about to get capped, and NOT in a good way, punk.


Tayla Iris Deimos
Tayla Human 2
Used By Airzel-of-Haos
Commander in Chief Salahar Demonis
Title Black Flag General
Gender Female
Age 27 (human form)
237 (actual age)
G-Power 1200 G
Rank General
Attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
Weaponry DTK's (twin shotguns)
Theme Song(s) Like Suicide
Close Relationship Overcast (wife of)
Main Allies Daemon
Main Adversaries {{{adversaries}}}
Unit Demonis Black Battalion 3
Unit Position First Seat

Tayla (Full name: Tayla Iris Deimos, formerly Tayla Iris Budenodici) serves as a subordinate of Salahar



Tayla is not your average girl. She loves the thrill of the fight, heavy metal on her radio, and her nails painted ... well ... black! Despite all of her tomboyish qualities, she can be very feminine if she must.

Tayla's best friend is Calamiris, whom she always calls "Cal". She teases him to no end out of battle, but in battle, they are an amazing duo, having never failed a mission together.

Recently, she has come back into the army with her now-teen-aged children by her side to form a Special Operations Unit under Karau.

Battle StrategyEdit

Tayla is a queen on the battle field when it comes to long-range. Her favorite thing to do is fly down out of thin air and shoot rapid-fire while she spins until she comes to a complete stop, mowing down the opposition with ease. Although she specializes in long-range, she has bayonets on both of her DTKs and carries a full set of 13 throwing knifes, 12 of which stay in her jacket, the last of which works as her hair tie in battle. The knives are a gift from an old friend, whom



  • The name of her twin shotguns (the DTK's) are the initials of one of her idols, Death the Kid from Soul Eater.