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Snowflake Human
Debut Appearance TBA
Title Witch of Matrix
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Gender Female
Age 12 (Physically)
Attribute Matrix Clear Matrix Clear
G-Power 1100 G
Close Relationships None
Main Allies Celestial
Main Adversaries Regicide
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Status Alive
Battle Data
Weaponry Snowflake Shurikens
Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan Matrix Razen Titan
MechFrame None
Fighting Style Young Blizzard
Signature Abilities Energized Snowstorm

Snowflake (Real/full name: Cersei "Snowflake" Anatella Matrix) is a Clear Matrix Bakugan and the youngest sibling of the Matrix Siblings.


Snowflake, despite her age and appearance, is a powerful opponent. Despite being a Bakugan with no Attribute but the Clear property, she can mimic the Attribute of any opponent at will. She can also mimic the Abilities and Gates of an opponent, as well as the appearance of any opponent at will. Snowflake, given her name, can use snow- and ice-related attacks, such as summoning fierce hailstorms, blizzards, and snowstorms. She is also to freeze any target solid. These characteristics in battle make her a formidable opponent, as well as give her a slight advantage over her opponents.







Snowflake, whose real name is Cersei, was born as the youngest of her siblings. Unlike her older brothers and sisters, she was a Clear Bakugan, which were rare in the Matrix Dimension. From birth, most of her siblings, most notably Regicide, often looked down at her, and believed her to be an outsider. Only Celestial, Zacharias, and Synchronite treated her like a sister, and along with their parents and many other Matrix Bakugan, were loving and caring toward her. She later adopted the name "Snowflake", after learning that she had control over snow, ice, and blizzards.

As Snowflake grew older, her other siblings began to grow fond of her as well. When Synchronite betrayed the Matrix Bakugan and became Dementia, she helped Celestial take a stand against their renegade brother, but would have died in the process if not for the interference of Regicide.

Years later, when Dementia invaded the Matrix Dimension for the second time and this time obtained its throne for a small while, she used her shapeshifting powers to transform into Celestial, while the real Celestial and the Matrix Siblings, allied with the Matrix Regiment, decided to ambush Dementia and his forces. However, neither Dementia nor the Matrix Siblings knew of Snowflake's distraction. When the real Celestial stormed into his throne room, while demanding Snowflake and the Matrix Dimension back, Snowflake returned to her real form and fought alongside Celestial and the Matrix Siblings against Dementia. Sadly, she was stabbed by Dementia while protecting Celestial from him. She died in Celestial's arms, and was unable to resurrect due to Dementia's Dementium Nagamaki.

Snowflake was later resurrected by the Matrix Siblings, with the help of their parents and Matrix.

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  • Snowstorm:

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  • Energized Snowstorm:

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