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Hush. If you are quiet, you will be able to hear the opposition's every move.


Savanna Leigh von Weinstiel
Used By Corbin
Commander in Chief
Title The Woman in White
Gender Female
Age 21
G-Power 1100 Gs
Rank Semi-General
Attribute Evil Demonis symbol Demonis
Theme Song(s) Point Zero
Close Relationship
Main Allies CP
Main Adversaries
Unit Demonia Specialized Division 2
Unit Position Second Seat

Snowblind (Full name: Savanna Leigh von Weinsteil) is a Demonian Bakugan who is a member of the Demonian Army. She is in a team with CP and Dusk known as the Longshots, and is the lone female of the group.



Snowblind is very kind, very gentle, and has a heart of gold. She is commonly known for being very apathetic to her allies, but being a cruel and manipulative "harlot" to any opposition. She is an attack-based soldier, although she does wish to learn some medical techniques from Snow or Allagar, just as means to improve her uses in the battlefield.

Battle StrategyEdit



  • Snowblind is one of the few in the Demonian Army to be directly under one of the Demonis Children, not a Demonis Sibling.
  • Before joining the Demonian Army, Snowblind had always wanted to be a model or an artist. To this very day, she tries to find ways to live her dreams, but she has yet to find one that doesn't conflict her sworn promise to fight alongside the army.