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You can't die yet. Your punishment has to be oh so much more ... severe ... than death. Once your homeworld is burned to the ground, then you will have my permission to die. No sooner.


Tell me now, child, what do you desire the most in this world?

Shade talking to a mortal for the first time.

He is by far the most blood thirsty of the family, but even the most killer person in the known universe has a kind side. Even though his kind side may be ripping someone's head off to see his daughter happy. This is why we still allow him to walk around without a leash.

Salahar describing Shade

Shade Veltro Demonis
Shade w BG
Used By Corbin
Gender Male
Maximum Age 24 (really over 5000)
G-Power 760 G (IRL)
1100 G (RP)
Attribute DemonisDarkus

Demonis Darkus

Weaponry Tenscythe
General Calamiris
Lieutenant Titanium
Pet BakuTech {{{pet}}}
Theme Song SCAVA
Main Adversaries Letus Phos
Main Allies Salahar

The Demonis Siblings

Close Relationships Ella (husband of)
Averia (father of)
Karau (father of)
Mechtogan Demonis Dreadeon
Demonis Coredegon
Mechtogan Titan Demonis Razen Titan
Special Style Reaper Core Warlord
Signature Abilities Reaper Core

Shade (Full name: Shade Veltro Demonis) is known as the Demonis Warlord. Shade is considered the weakest of the siblings, although none of them look down on him.



Shade is the commonly calm and always deadly Demonis Warlord. He is known for being overbearingly cruel in battle, but a calm person out of battle. He always carries his blade Tenscythe beside him.

Although he may be a cold and calculated warrior on the battlefield, behind the scenes he is a caring figure, and has a secret that few people know about his personal life.

Throughout history, he has taken place of many figures of power such as the early Caesar and many Mayan deities. He used this in order to take control and attempt to destroy society, but in the end, he utterly fails and makes someone else take the fall.

Family and Relationships



Being her father, Shade often spoils Averia to no end. He may love her, but he makes sure she is disciplined and well kept. Averia will often go on one of her famous "Rampages" when Shade is out, often bringing Sepelia and/or Raidne into the fray of her odd plans.


Like father, like son. Karau is just as head strong as his father, which Shade has been desperately trying to change. Despite this, he loves Karau very much.


Shade and Salahar are very close. They have both felt like outcast within the Demonis Siblings since day one, and clung to each other in their first life until matter separated them. After having been separated for over 1000 years, they finally found each other when Attribute United needed to make an emergency trip to Demonia. Ever since then, they have been close brothers and an amazing tag team.



Shade is cousins with Anathema, as their parents are half siblings. They tend to have a rather strange relationship, such as Anathema smacking Shade randomly. They are said to hate each other, but also love each other at the same time. They have also figured out how to properly use Demonis energy in perfect sync with Letus energy, making the duo almost unstoppable.

Notable Quotes

  • "Don't worry about her. She thinks she is queen of the whole damn world, but in reality she will probably grow up to be a high-class whore or something instead of an super-famous Broadway star. Yeah, I said it. She will work behind Broadway for about one hundred dollars an hour."- Shade commenting to AOH about Sophia
  • "WHAT in the HELL were you thinking? You know you can't survive with or without me."- Shade talking to AOH
  • "So help me God if you don't take all those lovey-dovey words and shove it, Salahar, I will rip your head off and put it on Mom's mantle."- Shade annoyed with Salahar
  • "We ... have an 'understanding' on the pecking order around here. It goes, from top to bottom, my parents, the rest of my siblings, my cousins in the Letus bloodline, me, Salahar, Corbin, Corbin's stool, the dirt I walk on, the dirt, and then the people I hate."- Shade randomly talking about the family pecking order.

Demonis Ocular Mutation


Normally, Shade's ocular mutation takes the form of five scythes surrounding his each iris. When he begins to reminisce about someone he cares for, his eyes take on ten scythe blades per iris, representing having two people as one.


Shade's left eye allows him to slice anything as long as he makes a slashing movement with his fingers. Anything within the line of motion is severed with ease as long as they are not pure Demonian or Tartaronian. His right eye is his main source of destruction. Shade's right eye allows him to turn anything that he has severed using his left eye into what is called "Zero Space". "Zero Space" is what Shade calls the side effect of his right eye, which makes anything severed cease to exist, wiping it from life itself.

If Shade is reminiscing about someone or something, his eyes will also give him the power of increased physical abilities. This includes speed, strength, and levitation.


  • Shade is considered the weakest out of all of his siblings, even though (excluding the fights with his siblings) his win record is perfect.
  • He has the ability to teleport to Corbin whenever he is needed, similar to how some of his siblings can astral-project.
  • Even though he has the Reaper Cloak and Tenscythe, he is not the true Demonis Reaper. His sister Sheath holds the title.
  • Shade still wears his wedding ring from when he was Ella's husband as a sign that he still loves her.


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