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Intimidate me all you want. It only means you are scared, which you rightfully should be.


Salahar Atel Demonis
Salahar as Warrior
Used By Corbin
Gender Male
Maximum Age 24
G-Power 790 G (IRL)
1000 G (RP)
Attribute Evil Demonis symbol Demonis
Weaponry Rosenrot
General Tayla
Lieutenant Tritan
Pet BakuTech {{{pet}}}
Theme Song Rosenrot
Main Adversaries Anathema
Main Allies Shade
Close Relationships Tiana (husband to)
Thornalia (father to)
Gilgamesh (father to)
Mechtogan none
Mechtogan Titan none
Special Style Dark Rose Blooming
Signature Abilities BloodRose

Salahar (Full name: Salahar Atel Demonis) is considered Shade's equal inversion, being very polite yet cruel in battle. When not brawling, he takes the form of a human with royal garments, referring to his royal lineage.



Salahar, the Black Rose Warrior, is known for using his blade that has a hilt tipped with a black rose known as Rosenrot (German for Rose Red) to deliver the final blow. He is swift in battle, and knows how to use anything and everything towards his advantage. He speaks with an old English dialect, and is very quick to snap his tongue at those he deems deserving of it. He also thinks of himself as a lady's man, hitting on any girl that he thinks is hot, no matter their relationship status.

He and Shade are known for working well together in battle, being able to almost read each others' minds and develop silent battle tactics. Salahar is the calmer of the two, but when angered, he can kill with ease.

Salahar's brawling style is cruel but empathetic, as some of his abilities require him to sacrifice his own power for them to reach full potential. For this reason, he is known as the most empathetic Bakugan currently alive.

Notable QuotesEdit

"I don't see the point in you making any sense, but hey, none of us have ever REALLY made total sense to anyone, now have we?"- Salahar talking to Shade.

"If you mess with the rose, you get a thorn shoved up your wait what were we talking about?"- Salahar trying to be intimidating

"Is is just me or are female Spatterixes always hotter than other girls?"- Salahar commenting on female Spatterixes

"WAIT! It was totally not me, it was Shade. What hasn't he done that has hurt people? Don't answer that question."- Salahar in trouble.

"I can't believe that you actually just did that. That was stupider than your normal self, and I know you do some really smart stuff."- Um ... Salahar