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Runa Matrix
Debut TBA
Used By TBA
Title TBA
Gender Female
G-Power Unknown
Attribute Matrix Darkus Matrix Darkus
Theme Song TBA
Main Adversaries None
Main Allies Kasai
Close Relationships N/A
Mechtogan N/A
Mechtogan Titan N/A
Weaponry TBA
Battle Gear N/A
Signature Abilities {{{siga}}}
Status Alive

Runa (Full name: Runa Matrix) is a female Darkus Matrix Bakugan who is an adopted daughter of Celestial. Her twin sister is Kasai.




Family and RelationshipsEdit


Celestial is the adoptive father of Runa. He had adopted her when he found Kasai and Runa as infants near one of his strongholds in Matrix Prime. Ever since, he has watched over the two sisters and cared for them, as well as loved them like daughters, just like he loved his biological daughter Gioia.


Kasai is Runa's twin sister. The two often work together to pull off tricks and pranks on others, and both care for each other.

Ability CardsEdit

Gate CardsEdit


  • "Runa" is Japanese for "luna", which represents Runa's Bakugan Attribute.


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