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I may be blind, but my ability to sense your aura will be your downfall.


Ragnarok Viserion Matrix
Ragnarok human
Debut Appearance N/A
Title Roc of Psychokinetics
Used By None
Gender Male
Age 24 (Physically)
Attribute Matrix Subterra Matrix Subterra
G-Power Unknown
Close Relationships None
Main Allies Dharan
Main Adversaries Dementia
Theme Song {{{theme}}}
Status Alive
Battle Data
Weaponry Twin Shatter Katanas
Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan None
MechFrame None
Fighting Style Blind Warrior
Signature Abilities N/A

Ragnarok (Full name: Ragnarok Viserion Matrix) is a Subterra Hawktor of Matrix, and a member of the Brotherhood of Matrix. He is also blind as the result of a horrible accident, but has the ability to sense and feel the aura of almost anyone and anything.


A powerful Subterra Hawktor, Ragnarok can fly at high speeds and can use an array of aerial attacks and earth-related powers. Unfortunately, he is blind as the result of a horrible accident that occurred when he was only thirteen years old. However, in place of his sight, he has the ability to sense the aura of almost anyone, and can use this to his advantage by being able to target his opponents and the like through his ability. Ragnarok can also see colorless details of anyone he tracks and/or his surroundings using this ability, as if he can still "see" them. Ragnarok's blindness also allows him to temporarily take control of an opponent's mind and force them to suffer from a horrible event they have faced in their life. These tactics make him a feared Bakugan of the Matrix Siblings, and can prove that even a Bakugan who is completely blind like him can be a threat to any opponent.


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  • Ragnarok's power to "see" anyone and his surroundings despite being blind was based off a similar ability the Marvel superhero Daredevil uses.