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Pyre is a runaway from the planet of New Tartarus.


Little is known of the little Runaway. All that is known is that he was born on New Tartarus. Heis very secretive. He doesn't say much of his past, claiming he doesn't remember. He was found on the outskirts of the Tartaronian city by Allagar after the medics from Demonia helped out, healing the injured after an assault. Allagar and Snow have promised to find his parents. To find his home. Pyre has the ability of Dark Matter Manipulation. It is a branch of his power of distortion. He is able to walk anywhere. Using his mind, he can teleport in waves. As he teleports, his body disappears in waves of space. This ability frightens him, and he doesn't use it unless he absolutely needs to.

Pyre was revealed to be a runaway from a small settlement just a few miles away from the Tartaronian city. He was a target of Scourge who had been invading small settlements everywhere, looking for threats. He ran to the city, Scourge on his trail. When Scourge caught him, he tried to fight back. But it resulted in his amnesia. His memories of who he was, where he belonged, who he knew, were stolen by Scourge. They were set to return as soon as Scourge's life energy was eradicated. Scourge claimed he had the power to defeat Letus' when he returned.


Pyre is an odd boy. Feeling like the outcast in every situation, he tends to separate himself from everyone. His innermost thoughts are hidden, even to Nenriki.


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