All Role Play Players.

Bakugan Role Play PlayersEdit

Recgameboy as Crystal, ???, Rec, Sirenoid (minor role)

Minxelfinforever as Julie Makimoto/Faith Lehane/Paige Matthews/Gwen Raiden (main role)

Twinstar as Counter/Strike (minor role)

AOH as Corbin (main role)

Darkus Rayne as Rayne (main role)

RayneHaos as Sarah/Briana (main role)

Hyena12 as Meia/Meiu (minor role)

Agent Z as Clash (minor role)

MasterKatara411 as Cody/Leon (minor role)

Weirdo Guy as Geoff/Gegenteil (main role)

DarkusMoonShadow as Jade Newmoon (minor role)

LaserGhost as Robin (minor role)

Aome as Kaguya (minor role)

Firestormblaze as Guardian Angel and Firestormblaze (main role)

c22helios as David (minor role)

DinoQueen13 as Amica K. Yamaichi (main role)

Kyleronco as Kyle and MaskClaw (Rarely). (main role)

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