Ogon Houoh (O(オーゴン)ホウオー, Ōgon Houō) is the phoenix-like Guardian Bakugan of Ru Makuba in the fanfictional series Bakugan: Armor Battles.

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Ogon Houoh

Ogon Houoh's Bakugan form

Ogon Houoh is a Phoenix dressed in Chinese armor. He wields a bladed wheel, which he keeps hidden under the back part of his right wing, his Skill Arm; in battle, Houoh is able to throw it at a target, & it returns to him like a boomerang.  

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Attack Defense Occupy Force Control Stand Total
6/10 8/10 10/10 10/10 1/10 35/50

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Ogon Houoh's default Skill Arm comes with the Useable Skill called Plus Light (ピカタス, Pikatasu) which adds the Haos Gate Card Bonus during Power Battle (Power Level + Attribute Gate Card Bonus + Haos Gate Card Bonus).

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  • Ogon Houoh's weapon resembles a wind & fire wheel, a melee weapon used in Chinese martial arts. 
    • It also shares the same throwing technique as a chakram, a similar looking weapon from India. 

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