What husband?

—Moria Alina

Moria Alina
Portrayer Currently None
Title none
Alignment Gundalia
Occupation Royal Seamstress
Emperor Barodius' secret lover
Gender Female
Race Gundalian
Age 23 (deceased)
Hair Blonde
Eyes Emerald Green
Attribute File:21px-Haos svg.png Haos
Guardian Bakugan Haos Strikeflier
Moria was a Gundalian Seamstress, and the secret lover of the previous emperor, Barodius. She is also the mother of Corbin.

History Edit

Moria was a normal young Gundalian girl, whom grew up to become a seamstress. One day the emperor at the time, Barodius, came to her so he could have his clothing fixed. For the two, it was love at first sight. Barodius then kept coming back just to see Moria and talk to her. Over time, they eventually began to date. About a year after their first meeting, they secretly got married, and Moria moved into the castle under the assumed position of being the Royal Seamstress. The couple then had a child, and named him Corbin. Once the child was born, the Twelve Orders members began to become suspicious about why Barodius was missing constantly. Kazarina then led a search, and then found Barodius and Moria tending to their, at the time, three year old child. The Twelve Orders then locked her in the dungeon for two years, almost starving her, save her normal rations and the pastries Barodius would sneak in. After the two years, she was beat to death as her lover and son had to watch in horror. Barodius, in fear for his son's life, gave Corbin Moria's Haos Strikeflier, and sent him on a ship to a Neathian orphanage. When Barodius returned to the dungeon, her body was gone.

After the war with Gundalia, Rayne, as the new emperor and Corbin's brother in arms, was given the honor of giving her a proper burial.


  • Moria and Kazarina always clashed when Barodius came up in conversation.
  • Moria would always have Corbin with her except when she was fixing clothes.
  • She is extremely perky in most cases, but when angered, she can be deadly.
  • She is slightly smaller than most Gundalians, but she has amazing strength for her size, as she was able to pick up even Nurzak.
  • She was amazing at playing mind games, a trait that she passed on to her son.
  • She only used the "Most Beautiful" Bakugan she could find.
  • Moria was very peaceful, but was secretly battling an unknown illness that was making her lose her mind. The illness would commonly leave her crying in the middle of the night, because of the nightmares she kept having.




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