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Macarya is a lower deity of water on New Tartarus. She is a leading member of the Order of Oridion.


How a goddess of water came to be on New Tartarus is anybody's guess, yet Macarya has existed on the hellish world for thousands of years. She dwells in a hidden lake inside New Tartarus' core that is maintained only by her unrivaled aquatic abilities. Those who face her in battle are likely to meet their end there and then. She is commonly seen in the form of a serpent-like leviathan that is at its fullest abilities underwater. However, even without water surrounding her, Macarya is formidable in combat and nearly indestructible to most attacks.


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Scourge's RetaliationEdit

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The Oridion WarEdit

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Character RelationshipsEdit


Macarya has been known to aid Letus on most occasions. Despite being complete opposites when it comes to their abilities, their bond is incredible, and they work effectively together in battle.


Notable QuotesEdit

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Fighting StyleEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Hydrokinesis: Macarya's most notable ability is her control of water. She isn't able to be harmed by forms of water-based attacks and her own attacks with it are devastating.


  • Inundation Illusion
    • G-Power Effect:
    • Physical Effect:

Fusion AbilitiesEdit




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