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Isis is The daughter of Pandora and Jaakor.


Isis is a troubled girl. When she was born, she was completely connected with the Earthern Orb. Acting on her will. Her first act was on Karau. The Earthern orb has the ability to see into the future. She saw Karau's future being one of evil. Isis would've, if not for Nenriki and Mizura, taken out Karau before he was old enough to talk. When the connection between her and the orb was cut, she was gifted the ability to see into the future. She has devoted herself to making sure Karau's future of evil changes. Isis' power comes from the elements and Incantations. She is how Kisara called her "In modern terms, a witch."


Isis is a nice girl, despite her violent powers. She doesn't like to hurt people, but will if necessary. She has made herself into a smaller image of Kisara. Not being able to obtain Reaper energy, she has devoted herself to her current powers.



Isis has a mutation. Instead of human ears, she was given the ears of a fox. She has various wardrobe options, but sticks with her favorite black shirt and white victorian skirt. She may not look like a formidable opponent, but looks can be deceiving.

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