Hono Moetaro
Portrayer Reyn Robinson
Alignment Team Moetaro
Occupation Tournament Emcee, Referee, & Sensei of Moetaro Dojo
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 34
Hair Black
Eyes Red
Attribute Pyrus
Guardian Bakugan Rex Hiryu

Hono Moetaro is the main protagonist in Bakugan: Armor Battles. The master of Bakugan games, he is the leader of Team Moetaro. Honō is usually calm but when he removes his bandanna, he enters a state of high tension. A Pyrus Brawler, his Guardian Bakugan is Rex Hiryu


Personality Edit

Hono can be described as quite a predictable character; he tends to be stubborn, overly practical, & prone to anger outbursts. Despite this, he possesses a humorous & easygoing nature, though he also tends to be unfocused. As leader of Team Moetaro, Hono is single-minded & determined.

Statistics Edit

Level Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
1 9 1 3 3 3 5



Hono has his own array of shooting skills.

  • Side Spin Shoot
  • Side Spin Cap Shoot
  • Side Spin Hurricane
  • Straight Shoot
  • Double Shoot
  • Twin Fang Shoot
  • Mach Shoot


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