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Used By Rayne
Gender Male
Maximum Age 14
G-Power 1200 G
Attribute 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
Weaponry FlameBlade
General {{{General}}}
Lieutenant {{{Lieutenant}}}
Pet BakuTech None
Theme Song None
Main Adversaries None
Main Allies The Demonis Siblings
Close Relationships Torch (Son of)

Sukai (Brother of)
Sapphira (Son of)
Tera (Boyfriend of)

Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan None
Special Style None
Signature Abilities None

Hono is a Pyrus Master Ingram. And the son of Torch and Sapphira


Hono is Torch's and Sapphira's 14 year old son. He absolutely loves fighting with fire. While he is still in training with his father, Torch, he is excelling greatly, and has been asked by Shade to join his squadron. While Hono doesn't know whether to trust him, he goes alot on what his girlfriend says. She doesn't lead him wrong, and enjoys his asking of what she thinks about things. Hono was a strong and quiet type. Like his uncle Gaia. But when he got together with Tera he opened up more. He is now an open book. He gets along with virtually everyone, unless provoked.

Ability CardsEdit

Fusion AbilitiesEdit



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