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Cornelius Fanguli Carania
Used By Corbin
Commander in Chief Any Demonis Sibling
Title Searing Soldier
Gender Male
Age 26 (human form)
157 (real age)
G-Power 1200 G
Attribute DemonisPyrus Pyrus Demonis
Close Relationship Venus (boyfriend of)
Main Allies Nea
Main Adversaries
Students Averia
Weaponry Skull Cleaver Zeguo
Theme Song(s) Voyager

Fang (Full name: Cornelius Fanguli Carania) is an Evil Twin Helix Dragonoid that is one of the four trainers to Averia, Thornalia, Gilgamesh, and Karau. He teaches them how to use different weapons, but he himself specializes in swordplay.



Fang is a rather strong-willed man. He is never wavering from what he believes, nor his teachings, and will always fight to the death when it is needed or requested. His powers are incredible for a basic soldier, as he has been able to slaughter entire battalions of high-ranking opponents with ease.

Battle StrategyEdit

Always in a rush, Fang has developed a style in which he can use his special abilities to clear a path that he can easily get through enemy defenses. Furthermore, he has learned to control multiple weapons at once in order to fight up to seven opponents at one time.

Ability CardsEdit

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