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Elmer Lavern
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Debut Bleeding Secrets/Prologue
Family Unknown
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Battle Info
Equipment None
Abilities Shapeshift

Enhanced Abilities

Gender Male
Age 250 + (appears 30)
Status Alive
You really don't want to meet that guy.

—- Elmer when others try to get him to transform


Elmer Lavern is a shapeshifter and former Guardian. His other form is that of a humanoid wolf. As a side-effect of the mutations, he has enhanced abilities, mainly strength.


He is gruff and has trouble connecting with others, often seperating himself from people around him. He is not afraid to use force in a confrontation, and has a short temper. He tends to get into fights that he cannot control, 

Fighting StyleEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Elmer does not keep any weapon on him, as he prefers to either transform or use his physical strength if in a fight.



Elmer was forced to be a Guardian at a young age. He was one of the first to experiment on the early mutations, and the only one to survive. After seeing his monstrous abilities and deciding that a Guardian should be different, the researchers attempted to kill him. However, he fought back viciously, going on a rampage and destroying a lab.

He hid in villages, pretending to be a normal citzen and forgetting about his past, but everywhere he turned the Guardians were causing trouble. He has taken various names and identities.

Bleeding SecretsEdit


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