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Hush now, my darling. I will take care of it.


AHAHA! Your blood is BEAUTIFUL! Please, allow me to make this battleground a canvas for the luscious red paint within you.

—Ella when getting into a battle

Ella Isabelle (Negorin) Demonis
Queen Piece Ella
Used By None
Gender Female
Maximum Age 36 (at original death)
G-Power None
Attribute Evil Demonis symbol Demonis
Weaponry Sabre of Sin
Star-Crossed Scythe
General Nea
Lieutenant Fang
Pet BakuTech {{{pet}}}
Theme Song Executioner
Die Alive
Main Adversaries Unknown
Main Allies Shade
The Demonis Siblings
Close Relationships Shade (wife of)
Averia (mother of)
Karau (mother of)
Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan None
Special Style Killer Love
Queen of the Board
Signature Abilities Slayer

Ella Demonis (Full name: Ella Isabelle Negorin *maiden name* turned to Ella Isabelle Demonis) was a human inhabitant of Indelatra. She was eventually found by Shade when she was eight months pregnant, and the two married. She then died after one of Shade's killing Games, in which she took part on her own will.


Her personality was kind and motherly for the most part. She always took care of Shade and her children, and rarely ever grew a temper without reason. In Games, her personality would completely flip. She had developed Shade's "Bloodlust" disease, in which she could not control herself at the sight of someone's blood, whether it be hers or not. Luckily, she learned how to control herself in front of her family.


Ella was commonly seen as the one girl out of the group who everyone thought would never amount to anything. Often crying herself to sleep, she felt almost like she would never belong in the world. After attempting suicide and surviving, she realized that if she wanted to make the others see how amazing she is, she would have to do something. She then began working odd jobs for people around town. This kept going until she was violently raped at age 18, and was cast out of the main settlement on Indelatra because she was to be an unwed mother. She wandered out in the forest for about three months, amazingly keeping her and the baby alive. Ella then found the castle of Shade Demonis, where she almost passed out from dehydration and exhaustion in front of it. Shade then took her in, nursed her back to full health, and eventually married her, fathering her son until he was old enough to care for himself.

She was very kind and gracious to Shade. She also slept in the same bed as her husband every night, comforted by his presence. After about a year of sleeping with him, this closeness eventually made it so she got his barely contagious BloodLust. She then proclaimed herself as Shade's Queen on the Game Board. This put her in the line of danger, and even though Shade told her not to, she reluctantly fought with her husband. This was eventually her undoing, as Shade's first Game against H ended in defeat. That night, she suddenly began coughing up blood in bed, and died in Shade's arms.

When her son, John, came of age, he became Shade's butler, just to keep the two lover's special lives behind closed doors hidden from the rest of the island.

After five years deceased, the Demonis Siblings found a way to revive Ella when her soul kept coming back to be with Shade. Ella is now living happily with her re-wed husband while acting as a step mother to Averia and teaching her nieces and nephews in the art of Chess.

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "Is it really important that I was in there? Are you that afraid of losing me?"
  • "Shade, darling, you don't need to always help me. I am a grown woman, not a little girl who is afraid of the sight of blood. Keep in mind we share this disease."
  • "Honey, you need to embrace the day. We only live so long, and we are all aware that we will die. You and I both know this to be true, so why don't you listen to me?"
  • "Shade. Let's think this through. I am your wife. You are my husband. I am the woman in your life. You are the man in my life. YOU work off complete bloodlust. I work off skill and grace. YOU found me almost dead outside our home. I carried a child in me for nine hellish months. So which one of us should REALLY be in charge here? Personally, I think it should be you, but I could be wrong."
  • "BRILLIANT! I love playing Games against you children. My nieces and nephews are masterminds, and I am thoroughly enjoying actually being given a run for my money."
  • "Come now, dear child, I know you can win, you just have to know what to do."

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Ella was born with a form of advanced telepathy. This was used in Games in order to read the opponent's minds and figure out what they were going to do.


Just like her husband, Ella eventually grew into a rare mental disease called "Bloodlust". This disease made it so that whenever she saw large amounts of blood, she would go insane and begin killing just to see even more. Ella did learn how to control it around her son, but she let it be free on the battlefield so that she could at least impress her husband and show that she could be more than a housewife, but the Queen Piece on his side of the Game Board.


Ella has always been a very agile woman. She can twist and distort her body in almost any way she may need by popping her bones out of place. This is commonly used for stealth operations on her part.


Ella is a master of swordsmanship. Her abilities are some of the best known, only passed by Reapers, the Demonis Siblings, their children, and the Excalibur Wielders. This ability has been passed onto her daughter Averia, and they often train together to sharpen their skills.


  • Sabre of Sin (destroyed)
  • StarCrossed Scythe
  • Sabre of Rebirth



Ella was found eight months pregnant from an unknown man in front of Shade's castle on the island of Indelatra. He took her in and gave her the best medical care the island could afford, even after birth. Due to this, Ella pledged her entire bloodline to be his aides until the end of his existence. They then got married, and controlled the island for three years, until she died of her own device in a Game.



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