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Shh, you hear that? You don't? Good, neither will anybody else.


Daniel Soia Michili
Used By Corbin
Commander in Chief Karau Demonis
Title Black Mirage
Gender Male
Age 27
G-Power 1100 Gs
Rank Semi-General
Attribute Evil Demonis symbol Demonis
Theme Song(s) Let the Stars Fall Down
Close Relationship
Main Allies CP
Main Adversaries
Unit Demonia Specialized Division 2
Unit Position First Seat

Dusk (Full name: Daniel Soia Mechili) is a Demonian Bakugan who is a member of the Demonian Army and a direct subordinate to Karau Demonis. He is in a team with CP and Snowblind, known as the Longshots.



Dusk is a strong willed man. He works in the shadows during battle, but refuses to kill unless ordered, even though his weaponry is made to slaughter, not spare. He has grown close to his fellow Demonian Army members, but specifically CP and Snowblind.

As of recently, he was taken out of main service, and put as the "General" for Shade's son, Karau. This is as a measure so that Karau may learn to control forces in battle when his father passes.

Battle StrategyEdit

Dusk's battle strategy changes as needed. At one minute, he can be face to face with an opponent, and the next he can be miles away evaluating what happened and how he can change the current circumstances. His mind is running a mile a minute, and he always has one more trick up his sleeve, no matter what the odds are.



  • Dusk is one of the few in the Demonian Army to be directly under one of the Demonis Children, not a Demonis Sibling.