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Hey, vulture-face! I still have to pay you back for the time your worthless, blind soul tricked me!

Dogma to Ragnarok

Dementian Horridian-Dogma
Debut Appearance N/A
Title Cerberus of Dementia
Used By None
Gender Male
Age 27
Attribute Dementia Symbol Dementia
G-Power 1200 G
Close Relationships None
Main Allies Verfolger
Main Adversaries Ragnarok
Theme Song None
Status Alive
Battle Data
Weaponry Riot Caliber
Mechtogan TBA
Mechtogan Titan TBA
MechFrame TBA
Fighting Style Demoniacal Hound
Signature Abilities Cerebral Lotus

Dogma is a Dementian Horridian who serves Dementia.



Dogma is a normally calm operative of Dementia, but this only masks his true nature. In reality, Dogma is an impatient and demanding Bakugan, and cannot stand it when ever his surroundings have been quiet for too long, despite that fact that he himself can be silent for quite a while. Nonetheless, Dogma is completely loyal to Dementia, having been one of the first Bakugan to come in Dementia's service. He is also a sly and vicious Bakugan, and like many Dementians, is merciless and immoral on the field of battle.

Dogma tends to erupt into a frenzy when someone mentions the embarrassing defeat he suffered at the hand of the Brotherhood of Matrix member Ragnarok. This causes Dogma to have an even shorter temper for a day or so.


Family and RelationshipsEdit


Dogma and Verfolger are often seen working together, and have started their own little "pack" of Dementians who serve Dementia. Dogma, given his usual little impatience, cannot stand it whenever Verfolger has been silent for a period of time around him, and often rages at him for this.


Dogma is completely loyal to Dementia, as he was one of the first Bakugan to come into his service. He will normally obey his ruler without question, but cannot help but sometimes voice his own opinions on Dementia's ideas in front of his fellow Dementians. Despite this fact, Dementia finds him highly useful and is one of his first choices to lead a group of other Dementian Bakugan into battle.


Dogma has somewhat of a personal vendetta against Ragnarok, as the Brotherhood of Matrix member highly embarrassed Dogma in front of his own comrades during their first invasion of Matrix. Dogma, as a result, has held his own grudge against Ragnarok ever since. Also, whenever someone brings up the subject of how Ragnarok once embarrassed Dogma in the heat of battle, Dogma goes on a minor frenzy and starts cursing Ragnarok. This frenzy often leads Dogma having an even shorter temper, and he tends to calm down after a day or so.

Ability CardsEdit

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

  • Cerebral Lotus:

Gate CardsEdit


  • The word "dogma" usually means "a doctrine or a corpus of doctrines relating to matters such as morality and faith, set forth in an authoritative manner by a church". Dogma's personality, however, is reflected off the near-complete polar opposite of this definition.