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I'd incinerate you now, only then that would take the fun out of this battle!


Dharan Voidri Matrix
Dharan human
Debut Appearance Dancing with Dragons
Title Dragon of Devastation
Used By Valentin Kazami
Gender Male
Age 24 (Physically)
Attribute Matrix Darkus Matrix Darkus
G-Power 1500 G (RP)
750 G (IRL)
Close Relationships Orion (son)
Nymeria (daughter)
Main Allies Celestial
Matrix Six
Matrix Siblings
Main Adversaries Dementia
Theme Song TBA
Status Alive
Battle Data
Weaponry Blacktail Whip, Onyx Katana
Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan None
MechFrame None
Fighting Style Warping Shadow
Signature Abilities Void Core Mode
Nebula Core Mode

Dharan (Full name: Dharan Voidri Matrix) (Japanese version ダーラン, Dāran) is a Darkus Dharak of Matrix and a Bakugan of the Brotherhood of Matrix. He is also the father of Orion and Nymeria.



Dharan is a merciless opponent, and will gladly take down any number of opponents no matter what the cost. He is also extremely vicious and cruel, and despises anyone who gets in his way of winning a battle. Despite these traits, he is often seen a kindred spirit, and a wise but quiet Bakugan.


Bakugan: Code ChronicleEdit

In Dancing with Dragons, Dharan, battles Valentin's Trick Snapzoid and defeats him in the first round. In the second round, when Dharan was winning, Snapzoid turns the tables on him and defeats Dharan. In the third round of the brawl, Dharan and Snapzoid are tied at first, but Dharan loses the battle after succumbing to Snapzoid's poison, which was injected into him by Snapzoid's outer minor head moments before.

Family and RelationshipsEdit






Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ability CardsEdit

  • Shockwave Dragon: Dharan gains 1000 Gs for each opponent on the field while the opponent loses 500 Gs for each Bakugan and Support Piece on the field.
  • Nebula Core Mode: Play at any time. Dharan can now use his Nebula Core Abilities. Also, the opponent is unable to be able to copy any of Dharan's Ability Cards and Gate Cards, including Fusion Abilities, Matrix Abilities, and Nebula Core Abilities for the rest of the brawl. This Ability cannot be countered nor prevented in any way.
  • Void Core Mode: Play at any time. Dharan can now use his Void Abilities. Also, the opponent is unable to be able to copy any of Dharan's Void Ability Cards. The opponent is also unable to counter/prevent all of Dharan's Void Abilities. This Ability cannot be countered nor prevented in any way.
  • Twins of Devastation: Brings in Celestial into the battle. The G-Powers of both Celestial and Dharan are doubled, then added together, and finally doubled again. Also, all of the effects of both Celestial's and Dharan's Abilities and Gate Cards are amplified by three, excluding the effects of Abilities and Gates that have something to do with turns.

Nebula Core AbilitiesEdit

Matrix AbilitiesEdit

Void AbilitiesEdit

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

Gate CardsEdit


  • Dharan was originally supposed to be an adoptive brother of Leonidas. However, this idea was dropped, though he actually is in an old Bakugan Role Play by Valentin 98 called Leonidas' BakuDaycare.


Human FormEdit

Bakugan FormEdit

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