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You've alot to learn about the patterns of war.

—Death (through Stellarah)

Death Demonis
Used By Rayne
Gender Male
Maximum Age 27
G-Power 810 G (IRL)
1000 G (RP)
Attribute Evil Demonis symbol Demonis
Weaponry Unknown
General {{{General}}}
Lieutenant Demonis Mutabrid
Pet BakuTech {{{pet}}}
Theme Song
Main Adversaries
Main Allies Stellarah
The Demonis Siblings
Close Relationships none
Mechtogan none
Mechtogan Titan none
Special Style Unknown
Signature Abilities Unknown

Death is the eldest brother in the demonis siblings. Being the last one alive in their first life, He is able to age to 27, but no further. In the Demonian war he found himself as a hybrid form of a Reaper. Not being accepted by the Reapers, nor the other people outside of his family. Being a hybrid of this nature, he was given opportunities his siblings were not. At age 27, in his first life, Death gave up first, his voice, and second his life, for eternal power. His cycle of reincarnation can end whenever he likes.





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