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Bleeding Secrets Symbol
Debut Bleeding Secrets/Prologue
Family Unknown
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Battle Info
Equipment Stinger

Crescent Sabre

Abilities Hexes

Enhanced Abilities

Gender Male
Age 200 + (appears 30)
Status Alive
Evil is arbitrary. It's definition is blurred. But it is clear I shall never hunt down monsters as evil as these.

—- Corvo about the Guardians

Corvo is the main protagonist of Bleeding Secrets.


Corvo (real name unknown) is a powerful hunter and former Guardian, hailing from Nefas. He has survived numerous mutations while training, through which he gained enhanced physical and mental abilities, as well as several lesser hexes.


As a result of his amnesia, Corvo is aloof and tends to keep to himself. He distrusts nearly everyone and attempts to be aware of everyone around him. He is shown to be determined when hunting down monsters and a powerful leader when he needs to be.

Fighting StyleEdit

Corvo excels in direct combat, using Stinger to deliver harsh blows to opponenets. He prefers to take on opponents one-on-one and in short range. He rarely uses hexes, but he uses them to compliment his unarmed fighting.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Hexes: Although far from a powerful sorcerer, Corvo knows how to cast a few hexes. The most common ones are:
    • Guarire: This hex cures Corvo of diseases and helps Corvo recover from wounds.
    • Congelare: This hex freezes a target or an object, allowing Corvo to break it quickly or escape. The frozen target thaws out in 10 seconds.
    • Fiamma: This hex lets loose a flame form Corvo's hand.
  • Enhanced Physical Abilities: As a result of his mutations, Corvo has enhanced physical abilities that surpass normal Nefasians.
  • Enhanced Mental Abilities: Also as a result of his mutations, Corvo has enhanced mental abilities.



Stinger is Corvo's weapon of choice, and one of his only memories of his past. It is a very large bastard sword thta Corvo carries on his back. Because of his enhanced physical abilities, Corvo can wield this sword one-handed, and usually dual wields it with Crescent Sabre.

Crescent SabreEdit

Crescent Sabre is a very sharpe scimitar wieldied in Corvo's left hand. Corvo can channel his hexes through this scimitar, and it's metal is a wicked red.



Corvo was once a powerful member of the Guardians. He was taken in by the order when he was young, and had mutations experimented on him that gave him enhanced physical and mental abilities. These mutations were later used on all members of the Guardians.

He constantly got into trouble for fighting other members, as he did not agree with their cruel methods, such as using citzen prisoners as bait when hunting monsters. He was punished for this with a curse that would slowly kill him, however the curse malfunctioned and simply gave him amnesia.

Bleeding SecretsEdit


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