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If you don't have anything better to do, I suggest you just shut your mouth and keep fighting.


Dementian Splight
Debut Appearance N/A
Title Riot Commander
Used By None
Gender Male
Age 20
Attribute Dementia Symbol Dementia
G-Power 1200 G
Close Relationships None
Main Allies Dementia
Main Adversaries TBA
Theme Song None
Status Alive
Battle Data
Weaponry Judge, Jury, and Executioner Calibres
Mechtogan TBA
Mechtogan Titan TBA
MechFrame TBA
Fighting Style Wicked Courtroom
Signature Abilities Cruel Judgement

Cecilion is a Dementian Splight who serves Dementia.


Large, sharp, wicked blades are attached to the lower parts of Cecilion's arms. These blades can cut through many materials like paper, no matter how thick they are. Cecilion is also capable of disappearing right before his opponent's eyes and reappearing just to strike them down. Whereas, opponents will not learn where Cecilion is until it is too late for them. A strategic battler, Cecilion is able to anticipate an opponent's moves, and is also known to be able to perfectly mimic them.


A cruel, calculating Bakugan, Cecilion is anything but merciful. He believes that his opponents deserve slow and painful ends, not quick ones. Though he is described as calm and "slick", he is really a cold and uncaring being on the inside, showing no emotion whatsoever to anyone.


Family and RelationshipsEdit


Cecilion is extremely loyal to Dementia, as he was told that he was found as an injured and orphaned boy by Dementia. Ever since, he was one of Dementia's proteges, and has been trained to fight alongside his master.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Fusion Ability CardsEdit

  • Cruel Judgement:

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