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Fee fi fo fum! Time to bring down the bum!


Dementian Krakenoid
Debut Appearance N/A
Title Avatar of Insanity
Used By None
Gender Male
Age 27
Attribute Dementia Symbol Dementia
G-Power 1200 G
Close Relationships None
Main Allies Verfolger
Main Adversaries TBA
Theme Song None
Status Alive
Battle Data
Weaponry TBA
Mechtogan TBA
Mechtogan Titan TBA
MechFrame TBA
Fighting Style Chaos Twister
Signature Abilities Red-Splattered

Carnage is a Dementian Krakenoid who serves Dementia.


A fearsome monster with an intimidating pose, Carnage relies on wild and random attacks to take down his targets. The swinging of his "arms" alone is enough to decimate whole, healthy opponents. A true monster relying on dangerous tactics, Carnage is a fearsome warrior, but some might call an "unseasoned battler".


Carnage is what some might call "an explosion waiting to happen". He always has to say something against or object to anything his fellow Dementians say about him and his battle methods. Carnage is also very brash and rude, often interrupting anyone, save Dementia, whenever they are speaking. He also almost immediately rushes into battle without thinking, and will usually do what is not required in his given orders.

Carnage also has a small tendency to occasionally speak in rhymes, which greatly annoys his fellow Dementian operatives. This is because his "rhymes" are normally offensive to everyone around him, ally and foe alike.


Family and RelationshipsEdit


Carnage is the complete opposite of Verfolger. The latter is a silent, calm, patient being, while the former is an explosive, impatient, and brash being. This causes a rare but uncanny partnership between the two, specifically in battle.


Though Carnage is loyal to Dementia, he cannot help but disobey his orders most of the times. While his actions do the Dementians "good", there are consequences of where Carnage's "allies" get harmed by him. Nonetheless, Dementia counts him among his most trusted operatives.

Ability CardsEdit

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

  • Red-Splattered:

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