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You don't mean to tell me that you just did that without reason? We have too little time to waste on people that do things for no reason.

Calamiris when annoyed

AVERIA! Enough messing around. You can either play, or you can get strong enough to possibly win the monthly arena battle. I am here to train you, not babysit, so I want you do toughen up and know when it is time to work and time to play.

—Cal while training Averia

Calamiris Odelad De'Lend III

Calamiris Stare

Dark Cal w BG

Cal Split

Used By Corbin
Commander in Chief Shade Demonis
Title Six Star General
Gender Male
Age 30 (human form)
243 (real age)
G-Power 1400 G
2800 G (Magmafury mode)
Rank General
Attribute Evil Demonis symbol Demonis
Weaponry Golden Sword Excalibur
Theme Song(s) The Battle is to the Strong
Low (Split)
Close Relationship Calamiris I (Grandson of)
Calamiris II (son of)
Typhoon (Elder brother to)
Main Allies Tayla
Main Adversaries
Unit Demonia Specialized Division 1
Unit Position First Seat

Calamiris (Full name: Calamiris Odelad De'Lend III) serves as a subordinate of Shade.



Calamiris III is the current General of Shade's forces. He never flinches, and never goes back on an order. His most famous order is "Leave no traces", in which everything and everyone that isn't in his party is eliminated, so they won't be compromised. His cruelty is unending, and his power is unmatched. Not only does he have physical prowess, but his strategizing is matched by very few, and those few are likely on a kill list.

Calamiris' best friend and ex-roommate, Tayla, drives him insane. Her pet name for him is "Cal", which he keeps telling her not to call him, to no avail. After she moved out to live with her fiance, he realized how boring it is without her around the house to keep him annoyed. He eventually moved into the Demonis Mansion with most of the other generals and the Demonis Siblings.


Cal was born as a normal child, the son of Calamiris II, the general of Shade's forces at the time, and his wife Diane. For the most part, Calamiris spent his early life without much of a father, as he was commonly either in battle or too tired to even play but a small game of catch with his son. While his father was out on a massive siege, Diane became deathly ill. The last time Cal saw his father as a child was his sixteenth birthday, when he was given his strongest weapon, the Golden Sword Excalibur. His father then abruptly left, and his mother died a few weeks later.

Cal Glare

Calamiris III as the "Six Star General"

Calamiris then went on to be his father's legacy as a third generation general of Shade's forces, and one of the youngest generals in Demonian history, just a few years older than Percival when he took command. He learned to be a brilliant strategist, and for the most part was kind. This changed over the span of about 50 years, when he started becoming darker and more judgmental for unknown reasons. Shade snapped him out of it for a while, and although he may have gone back to the same basic mindset, it was not as intense.

After time passed, he was introduced to the other Generals in the army. During this time, he became very infatuated with a young woman by the name of Snow, who was the General under Shade's sister. A while after their first meeting, the two did end up together as a couple. They two later had a break up due to Cal's Shadow being out of control and having him attack Kisara repeatedly as well as Snow herself. They still remain friends, now that he has learned to control it.

Calamiris still currently holds the spot as Shade's Six Star General, acts as a personal trainer to his master's daughter, and is also one of the three most recognizable generals in the entire army, right behind his love interest and mortal frenemy.

Battle StrategyEdit

Completely different from his best friend, Calamiris works best up close and personal with the opponent. He is a genius with a sword, and holds it reverse, meaning the hilt is on his thumb and the blade points out, not in. This makes it easier for him to use it right out of the silver sheath he keeps Excalibur in. His style focuses on making quick work of the opponent and not dragging on a fight, while he does rather enjoy the rush of a good fight.



Calamiris looks up to Shade, not only as his commander in chief, but also as a father figure. This is due to the fact that his real father walked out on him and his dying mother when he was only sixteen for no good reason. Cal's respect for Shade is always high, and he is willing to die for his leader if he must.


Calamiris doesn't have too much interaction with Ella, although when they do meet, he acts with the up-most courtesy, chivalry, and respect to her without a second thought nor question.


Calamiris and Averia are really close. They have a brother-sister relationship, and spend a lot of time together, whether they be training for Averia to hone her powers or just hanging out. Cal usually drives Averia crazy, due to the fact that he makes her train vigorously for hours on end so that she may reach her full potential. They will commonly miss at least one meal a day while training, due to losing track of time.


Cal has a massive crush on Snow. He has loved her ever since they first met, and although he tries to hide it, he fails miserably. He is also a terrible flirt, as Snow herself has pointed out while flirting with him. Regardless, he deeply wishes to be in a relationship with her, although she isn't sure if she wants to go to that extent for the time being.


Titanium strongly despises Cal, although they are willing to work together under Shade. Cal has no hatred towards Titanium, but he does realize that the reason the feelings aren't mutual is because of the constant fights he has with Titanium's long time girlfriend, Kisara.


Like their respective CiC's when they were young, Calamiris and Kisara are bitter rivals but somehow close. They fight all the time, usually debating over either battle strategy or powers. Despite this, they are still half-decent friends, and have each others backs if it comes down to it. After Cal gained control of his Shadow, Calamiris decided that enough was enough and that they needed to learn how to work together. To an extent, this has worked.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Raw StrengthEdit

Compared to many in the Demonian Army, Calamiris' strength is amazing. He may not have too many special abilities, but his strength makes up for that, considering the fact that he has been shown to be able to bench press massive slabs of concrete.

Cal Gates

Cal's Golden Gates of Sin

Golden GatesEdit

A family ability, Calamiris has learned how to use his Golden Gates of Sin to summon any weapon he has absorbed in the gates. He can summon any weapon he chooses, but in order to summon something specific that he has captured, he must name it in front of the gates. He is teaching Averia this tactic for her own protection.

Known Weapons Held in the GatesEdit

  • Axe of Solio
  • Elionia: A spear that is charged with electricity. It can move in any pattern that the user envisions and strike with the speed of lightning.
  • Sailias, Scythe of Plasma
  • All the early models of Eclio
  • Golden Sword Excalibur
  • Sonai and Sodel, the Twin Shielded Claws
  • Arianna, Talon of the Slaughtered Mother
  • Okeanos, Lance of Endless Water
  • Hundreds of unnamed maces, swords, and shields
  • M-18 jet missiles

God SlayerEdit

God Slayer is an attack that Cal is capable of using only with the Golden Sword Excalibur. This attack allows him to rip a hole in the space-time continuum and create a miniature "golden" black hole. This makes it so that he can rip armor off opponents, as well as severely injure if not kill opponents weaker than himself.

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "You can NOT be that stupid."
  • "Kisara, don't mess with me. I will make you shut up if I have to."- Cal to Kisara during an argument
  • "I love that woman."- Cal referring to Snow
  • "Don't you die on me. I don't know what in the hell I would do without you here. I guess I would have to put up with Titanium and Kisara, but that's hard too do without you there to cheer me up."- Cal to Snow
  • "I am not the man you knew just one short week ago. I am the true Calamiris Odelad De'Lend the third, with complete control of his actions, and a hint of darkness behind my shining armor."- Cal's first appearance to the generals after gaining control of his Shadow



  • Calamiris is a third generation general under Shade. Both his father and grandfather served the Demonis Warlord at some time in their lives.

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