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Listen up, we are either going to win this while following my battle plan, or we are going to go cry to our mommies because we got our asses kicked beyond repair. So who's with me?


Calamiris Odelad De'Lend I

Calamiris I

Cal 1 Reappearance

Used By Corbin
Commander in Chief Shade Demonis (formerly)
Title Dark Void General
Gender Male
Age 47 (human form)
508 (deceased)
G-Power 1600 G
Rank General
Attribute Evil Demonis symbol Demonis
Weaponry Demon Sword Excalibur
Theme Song(s) Voodoo
Close Relationship None
Main Allies
Main Adversaries
Unit Demonia Specialized Division 1
Unit Position First Seat

Calamiris (Full name: Calamiris Odelad De'Lend I) is an Darkus Jaakor that serves as a subordinate of Shade.



Calm, cool, and collected, Calamiris I was a genius on the battlefield. He used mind blowing tactics to win battles, and never gave in unless it was a farce to get intel on an opponent. Never faltering and always pulling through, Calamiris I was a man of few word and many deeds, most of which ended in death for the opposition.

Battle StrategyEdit

Calamiris I was insanely brilliant. He almost always found a way to modify his attack strategy so that it not only made a perfect offensive, but also a large defensive barrier. A common and more well known tactic he used was called the Shielded Blade, in which he would use the flat side of his Excalibur so that he could defend but also use it as a blunt object for attacking. He would also carry a small box that held the HachiSen needles that Averia now has so that he may perform long-range voodoo on an opponent if he cut off a piece of skin of hair that belonged to them.

Ability CardsEdit