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I am the heir to the throne of Indelatra. I am the Demi-Goddess of the kind sleep. I am Averia Vivianalia Demonis, the one true daughter of Shade!

Averia introducing herself to someone totally new.

Averia Vivianalia Demonis

Averia Demonis Young

Sever Averia

Averia 17

Used By Corbin
Gender Female
Maximum Age 17
G-Power 520 G (IRL)
950 G (RP)
Attribute Evil Demonis symbol Demonis
Weaponry Eclio (primary)
HachiSen (secondary)
Sword Case; Catalyst
General Thornalia
Lieutenant none
Pet BakuTech {{{pet}}}
Theme Song Painkiller
Main Adversaries Unknown
Main Allies Shade
Close Relationships None
Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan None
Special Style Daughter of a Demon
Signature Abilities Innocence

Averia Demonis (Full name: Averia Vivianalia Demonis) is a Darkus Master Ingram that is used by Airzel-of-Haos. She is the self declared "Queen of Kawaii".



Averia's attitude is completely different than when she was a human. She is much happier with her new family, although there is a slight longing for her brother that is made apparent at some times. She is kind and careful to all, but when she wants to do something, she tends to show her rebellious streak, especially if she feels she has to do something for the greater good.

When it comes to pretty much anyone, she hates it when she is grabbed by the wrist or anywhere she deems inappropriate. If she is grabbed in one of these places, she will go on a killer rampage, often at least hospitalizing the perpetrator.

After taking a couple weeks to train one-on-one with Cal, Averia turned into a fined tuned killer, being able to not only bring her teacher to the brink of death, but also Titanium and her own father into the same state with ease. Averia also learned how to use a variety of different weapons, which she can summon while using the Scroll of 1000 Weapons.


Averia used to be a human before her family was sent to Demonia. After the death of her parents, Averia and her brother mutated into part Demonians, due to prolonged exposure to Demonis energy. After the death of her brother, Shade adopted her, and she was later turned into his biological daughter by a rebirth process that the Demonis Siblings used on her.

Averia is now the ring leader of The Little Darlings, which is an organization that is made up of her and her best friends, in which they prank members of the family (namely Raidne and Ember) relentlessly and cause all kinds of comical mischief. She is also Karau Adonael Demonis's big sister, although he is the more mature of the two.

Family and RelationshipsEdit



Being her father, Shade often spoilers her to no end. He may lover her, but he makes sure she is disciplined and well kept. Averia will often go on one of her famous "Rampages" when Shade is out, often bringing Sepelia and/or Raidne into the fray of her odd plans.


Ella and Averia are so much alike, Averia's aunts sometimes make jokes about Ella possibly birthing her. Averia deeply loves her mother, although they rarely spend much time together, due to her constant training with Cal. For some unknown reason, Ella is a little freaked out by Averia at some times. It is claimed that something happened "a few days ago".


Averia has a thing for pestering her little brother. Although she is the older sibling, he is much more mature, and she plays off this to play pranks on him at the strangest of times and places with her friends.

Calamiris IIIEdit

Averia sees Cal as a sort of big brother, even calling him the Japanese term "Onii-san" as reference to their relationship. Calamiris oversees Averia's training, as well as is one of her closest friends and allies. In return for her training, Averia commonly tries to help Cal with his girlfriend, Snow, who she also looks up to.


Averia is very nice towards Kisara, commonly hugging her and welcoming her into the room. Averia commonly tells Kisara her secrets and will often "abuse" her boyfriend, Titanium, when she starts a rampage.



Averia has a strong relationship with Anne, due to the former being the latter's niece in a way. Averia will commonly take Anne's daughters and go do some random and crazy things with them in tow.


Averia doesn't get to be with Magmeus much, but if she calls him for anything and he doesn't come to see her, she will often go on a practical man-hunt to find him, during which she will commonly forget what she wanted to call him and just hugs him.


Averia somewhat idolizes Raidne for an unknown reason. Averia also tries to drag her into her own mischief, which commonly ends up in her running off to go make mischief with Sepelia. She also fights with Akuma over who should get Raidne's attentions.

Little DarlingsEdit


Being cousins, Averia and Sepelia maintain a strong friendship. The two are often partners in crime, so to speak, and pull off some strange feats together, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Hijacking an ice cream truck
  • Using a grappling hook to get candy from a couple rooms over
  • Calling Titanium to take them home from school in a helicopter
  • Bungee jumping from the Tartarus Castle ceiling in order to smack someone
  • Using a huge catapult to shoot themselves and smack people
  • Replacing arrowheads with whoopie-cushions and shooting people with them
  • Putting apples in a catapult and pelting people with them
  • Putting a minicatapult with a pie and a timer on it in front of someone's door and doing a Dingdong Ditch.
  • Using megaphones for assorted yelling reasons
  • Providing play-by-play commentary on Raidne giving birth
  • Shooting themselves out of cannons out of catapults with pirate hats on
  • Buying people to put in the Kawaii Kingdom


Sukai befriended Averia as soon as they spoke to each other about strangers with windowless vans. Ever since that moment, they have been very close to one another. The two feel like they can (and more likely than not have) tell each other anything and everything about each other and not be judged.

RPW as a wholeEdit

Averia has easily obtained the title of "RPW's Little Darling". It is unknown how she has obtained it so quickly, but it is presumed that when she "Rampages", Averia gets destructive, but she is rather funny when she starts.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Just like her mother, Averia is amazing at swordplay. She has been able to hone her abilities so that she can disarm almost any opponent with ease, as well as use almost any sword given to her.

Molecular ControlEdit


After losing her destined weapon, Eclio, Averia began training relentlessly with Cal. She is driven by her ambition to become the greatest Swordswoman in history, and during her training, this ambition led her to not only take it upon herself to make her own sword and armor, but become an expert at using the weapon. She has not only learned her sword, but she has extremely improved compared to other weapons. Her abilities have yet to be tested, but she can easily take hundreds of opponents in the Army at a single time. She has named this new "gift" Sever, due to the fact that when she enters battle with the armor and new sword, her mindset "severs" from her normally calm and kind attitude to a cruel and calculating warrior.



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