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Avalon Human 2
Debut Appearance N/A
Title TBA
Used By None
Gender Male
Age 24 (Physically)
Attribute Matrix Haos Matrix Haos
G-Power 1300 G (RP)
960 G (IRL)
Close Relationships Rapture (wife)
Apollo (son)
Engel (daughter)
Main Allies Celestial
Main Adversaries Dementia
Theme Song N/A
Status Alive
Battle Data
Weaponry TBA
Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan None
MechFrame AV Bellator
Fighting Style Life Beyond Life
Signature Abilities N/A

Avalon (Full name: Avalon Jaredal Matrix) is a Haos Quake Dragonoid of Matricea and one of the Titans of Matricea, as well as one of Omnicron’s and Alariatte’s children. He is also the husband of Rapture and the father of Apollo and Engel.




Family and RelationshipsEdit


Avalon and Rapture have known each other ever since they were children. At one point, they were together as a couple, but things did not work out between the two of them, as Avalon had a fierce rivalry with Rapture’s younger brother Spirale. When Rapture’s new lover had left her and her children with him after many years with them, Avalon felt guilty over Rapture’s grief, as he believed that he could have prevented this. In order to devise a solution to end Rapture’s grief, and also prove that he still loved her, Avalon asked for Rapture’s hand in marriage, which she happily accepted. Avalon became a new fatherly figure to Rapture’s children with her previous lover, and Rapture had two more children with Avalon – Apollo and Engel. Avalon and Rapture care for each other deeply, and are quite crazy for each other, going up to the point of sweet-talking to each other while battling against each other.


Apollo is the son of Avalon and his eldest child. He looks up to his father like a hero and mentor, and is often seen honing his battle skills with his sister Engel and Avalon. Avalon and Apollo also get into small skirmishes together while in their Bakugan Forms, but only do this for practice and fun, much to Rapture’s annoyance.


Engel is the daughter of Avalon and his second eldest child. Though she enjoys being around her mother more, Engel thinks of Avalon as her hero, as he once saved her from an accident that occurred in a test run on a repaired MR Imperator. She cares for her father deeply, and Avalon cares for her as much in return.


Though Javelin is one of the children of Rapture and her previous lover, Javelin, like the rest of her siblings, is grateful that Avalon had made the move of asking Rapture’s hand in marriage, for she did not want her mother to stay drowned in her grief. After getting to know Avalon, she looks up to him like her new fatherly figure, but refuses to allow him to be her stepfather. This is because Javelin is still loyal to her biological father, and believes that she cannot forget him.

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