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You can have skill, you can have style, but sometimes you just need sheer force. It's not all the time you do, but when you need it, you had better have it.


Atlas Osirian Harmoniu
Used By Corbin
Commander in Chief Any Demonis Sibling
Title Crater Creator
Gender Male
Age 29 (human form)
203 (actual age)
G-Power 1300 G
Rank Trainer
Attribute SubterraDemonis Subterra Demonis
Weaponry Body Crush Yotai
Theme Song(s) Slam
Close Relationship None
Main Allies Nea
Main Adversaries
Unit D.C.T.
Unit Position None specified

Atlas (Full name: Atlas Osirian Harmoniu) is a Subterra Mutant Taylean that is one of the four trainers to Averia, Thornalia, Gilgamesh, and Karau. He teaches them about physical prowess, and is known to have strength that is only surpassed by Gaia and Volcan.



Atlas is a silent genius. He rarely speaks when he doesn't need to, and actually will sometimes stay silent when being questioned. He works alone mostly, but is willing to lead and follow as instructed. His prowess lies in demolition, but he is also very capable in defense, and is surprisingly well tuned in stealth tactics.


Atlas appears as a man in his late twenties. He has white hair, which covers his eyes. He almost never wears a shirt unless it is called for, and will only wear jeans. His torso has a massive tattoo on it which begins to glow as a battle rages on, signifying his growth in energy over time until it hits the maximum his body can take, levels out for up to an hour, and then begins to steadily decrease.

Battle StrategyEdit

Ability CardsEdit

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