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Good!? How can I be good at it when I can't even remember Iriglacia?


Allagar Demonis
Used By Rayne
Gender Male
Maximum Age 10
G-Power 500 G (IRL)
1000 G (RP)
Attribute Evil Demonis symbol Demonis
Weaponry Currently None
General {{{General}}}
Lieutenant Demonis Lumagrowl
Pet BakuTech {{{pet}}}
Theme Song
Main Adversaries
Main Allies Bokurai
The Demonis Siblings
Close Relationships none
Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan None
Special Style
Signature Abilities
Allagar (Full name: Allagar Demonis) is the youngest of the siblings, only being able to reach age 10. His medical expertise is only surpassed by his big sister Senterra.





Notable QuotesEdit

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